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The Story
A look back at some of the important milestones that have brought this project to where it is today
  • Templeton Properties Buys the Property

    In 2009 Templeton Properties bought the
    property where South Village will reside.

  • Project Strategy

    In 2010 Templeton Properties began the strategy to create a transformational project.

  • Community Colaboration

    In October of 2010 Templeton Properties began collaborating with the local community.

  • HRM Approval

    On Feb 1st, 2011 Templeton Properties received unanimous approval for the project by HRM.

  • Design Re-Vamp

    In 2013 Templeton Properties went back to council to Re-Vamp the design.

  • Final Approval

    In 2014 Templeton Properties was given final approval for the new South Village Halifax!

  • Construction Began

    Just recently, in May of 2016, construction began on South Village.

Templeton Properties would like to thank the following community associations and organizations for their ongoing support!
  • Southend Residents Association
  • Spring Garden Road Merchant Association
  • Friends Of Schmidtville
  • Fusion
  • Downtown Business Commission
  • Peninsula South Residents Association
  • Urban Design Task Force
  • HRM Planning
  • Dalhousie University
  • University Neighbourhood Watch
  • HRM Public Arts
  • Mackeen Manor Senior Complex
  • Old Southend Neighbourhood Watch
  • Geoff Keddy & Associates
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